TEL Lesson Plans

Grade Level Title Subject Databases/Other Resources
10-12 Vitamin Wise Nutrition Science; Computer Literacy; English/Language Arts: Speech Health and Wellness Resource Center and website
12 Filial Responsibility and King Lear: A Research Exploration English Language Arts General OneFile, Academic OneFile, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Religion and Philosophy Collection; Gale Virtual Reference Library
9-12 Bienvenido Foreign Languages General OneFile; Academic Onefile; Area Country Studies (
3-4 Big Cats and Wild Dogs Computer Technology Kids Infobits; Microsoft Word or other word processing program
9-12 Impressionism in Music Fine Arts/Music History Gale Power Search
11-12 Medical Terminology Nursing Education Health & Wellness Resource Center, MedlinePlus, Gale Virtual Reference Library
9-12 Julius Caesar--Speaking Ethically? Fine Arts; English/Language Arts; Speech; Theatre Points of View Reference Center
7 Latin I Mythology Monsters & Characters Computer Technology, Latin I Student Edition; Student Edition-K12; General OneFile;;;;; Encyclopedia Mythica; and KET-Greek / Roman Mythology
11-12 Researching a Nursing Topic Nursing Education Health Reference Center Academic, Gale Virtual Reference Library,Academic OneFile
3-4 Building a Balanced Pyramid Nutrition Science Kids InfoBits; USDA's MyPyramid.Gov website
6 The Lunar Cycle Science, Astronomy Junior Edition
Grade 4 Sports Research Report Language Arts Kids InfoBits
9-12 Inform Yourself--Inform Others! Speech Points of View Reference Center, General Onefile, Gale Custom Newspapers, NewsBank's Tennessee Newspaper Collection (for a local perspective) suggested; other appropriate TEL databases
11-12 Investigation of Selected Proteins from a Bioinformatics Database. Upper Level or Advanced Placement Biology or Chemistry General Science Collection; Student Edition; Protein Data Bank (
5 the Great Smoky Mountains Social Studies Student Edition, Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, Tennessee Newspaper Collection
5 Folk Dancing Makes the World Go Round Fine Arts/Arts Education:Dance Junior Edition, Wikipedia
9-12 May I Introduce... Foreign Languages/Spanish General OneFile, Literature Resource Center
9-12 Exploring Medical Issues Social Studies: Contemporary Issues Points of View Reference Center
6-12 Roman Architecture Foreign Languages/Latin Gale PowerSearch
10-12 Elements and the Periodic Table Chemistry I Student Edition; Gale Virtual Reference Library; General Science Database; Gale Popular Magazines
K-2 Looking at Kente Cloth Art Education/Fine Arts: Visual Arts Gale Kids InfoBits; websites (search engines)
11 Autobiographical Elements in Fiction Language Arts/Reading Literature Resource Center, Books & Authors, Gale PowerSearch, Academic OneFile
9-12 Music in Relation to History and Culture Arts Education/Fine Arts: Music History General Reference Center Gold
9-12 What is cultural diversity? Social Studies/Psychology:Culture Points of View Reference Center
12 Shakespearean Language and Historical and Social Contexts in Literature Language Arts/English IV (3005)/ Reading Expanded Academic ASAP
K-2 Guess Who? Characteristics of Mammals affordable wedding dresses for brides Gale Kids InfoBits
9-12 Computer music and how it affects music today Fine Arts/Music History Gale Power Search
12 Literary Technique and Reading Experience in Faulkner Language Arts/English IV (3005)/ Reading (3081) Expanded Academic ASAP; Literature Resource Center
9 - 12 What Would They Say? TV Characters Discuss Personal Finance Family & Consumer Sciences: Personal Finance Academic OneFile, Gale PowerSearch, General OneFile
3-5 What to read, why to read? Language Arts/ Reading Kids InfoBits
7 Figurative It Out: Figurative Language in Children's Poetry English/Language Arts General Reference Center Gold
9 - 12 But I Don't Look Like That: Body Image and the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Psychology, English/Language Arts Expanded Academic Index; Gale PowerSearch; General OneFile; Health Reference Center; Pop Culture Collection; Psychology Collection
6-8 Searching for Mark Twain Language Arts/ Reading Junior Edition; Student Edition
2- 4 Beginning Research about Transportation English/Language Arts Kids InfoBits
1 Creating a Web English/Language Arts Kids InfoBits
7th / 8th Get to the Meat of the Topic English/Language Arts Infotrac Student Edition
9 - 12 What Am I? Significant Events in United States History Social Studies: United States History Academic OneFile, Gale PowerSearch, Gale Virtual Reference Library, General OneFile, U.S. History Collection
4 Animal and Plant Cells Science about fake rolex Kids InfoBits, Fact Monster, Internet Public Library for Kids
3-5 Sleep Health Kids InfoBits
4 Famous Figures from Tennessee History Social Studies Kids Infobits, TN History for Kids
5 Oil in the Gulf Science: Life Science Jr Edition -K12;
2 Animals of the rain forest Science: Life Science Kids InfoBits
9-12 Nurture the Poetic Muse Through Nature Poems English/Language Arts: Creative Writing (3012) Literature Resource Center, Academic Onefile, Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale Powersearch
8 Keystone of the Southern Arch: The Civil War in Tennessee Online Exhibit Social Studies/United States History General Reference Center Gold, General OneFile, Student Edition-K12, Tennessee Virtual Archive, TN History for Kids, Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, Tennessee Civil War Sourcebook
7 Population Statistics Mathematics Junior Edition
8 Applying the Pythagorean Theorem Mathematics Student Edition - K12
5-8 Learning Express Library Mathematics Tests Mathematics Learning Express Library
11 The Kite Runner:Perspectives on Fatherhood English/Language Arts: AP English Literature & Composition General Onefile, Academic Onefile, Gale PowerSearch
3-5 Bullying Health Education Kids InfoBits; Stop Bullying Now; Kids Health; Girls Health;BAM! Body & Mind
11-12 Communicating with Patients Health Science: Nursing Education; English/Language Arts: Reading; Computer Literacy; Computer Technology; English/Language Arts: Speech Health and Wellness Resource Center, MedlinePlus, NIHSeniorHealth