TEL Lesson Plan
Impressionism in Music

Grade Level: 9-12
Subject: Fine Arts/Music History
Time Frame: 1 class period for research; several for presentat


Learn about impressionism and one composer associated with the style.

Databases/Other Resources

Gale Power Search


Students will use TEL databases to find basic information on impressionism in music and will research one of the composers listed in this lesson plan. They will make a class presentation on the composer researched.


Steps for Teacher

Steps for Librarian

Steps for Student

1. Go to the  PowerSearch database

2. In the Find: search box type: impressionism.

3. Click on the Books tab.

4. In the Refine Results bar on the left side type: music

5. Click on the following entry:         

6. After reading the entry, choose the Print or Email.

7. In the search box at the top of the screen type one of the following composer names: Frederick Delius, Manuel de Falla, Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Maurice Ravel or Claude Debussy.

8. Click on the Books tab.

9. Click on the entry Columbia Encyclopedia entry for the composer that was searched.

10. After reading the entry, choose the Print or Email

11. Create citations for the sources used in this assignement.

12. Present information to the rest of class, particularly emphasizing an individual composer's contribution to impressionism and 1 or 2 other unique facts.

Related Activities

Attend a classical music concert.

Listen to impressionist music by any of the composers mentioned.

Prepare a classical music CD review.

Use other TEL databases to gather information for comparison and contrast with other music genres/styles.

Content Standards

Fine Arts/Music History

Content Standard 9.0: Historical and Cultural Relationships.

Students will understand music in relation to history and culture.


Learning Expectations/Grade Level Expectations

Content Standard 9.0: Historical and Cultural Relationships.

Learning Expectations:

Performance Indicators State

Content Standard 9.0: Historical and Cultural Relationships.

Performance Indicators:

As documented through teacher observation:


Student will assessed on presentation style and content. Assessment parameters will vary depending on they type of presentation the teacher has assigned.


ISTE Computer Literacy and Usage Standards

3. Research and Information Fluency

d. process data and report results.

6. Technology Operations and Concepts

a. understand and use technology systems.

b. select and use applications effectively and productively.


AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

1. Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge.

1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry.

2. Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge.

4. Pursue personal and aesthetic growth.

4.1.2 Read widely and fluently to make connections with self, the world, and previous reading.