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Database Vendor Contact Information

If have technical questions or if you experience any difficulty using any of the databases available through TEL, please feel free to contact the vendor directly at the numbers/emails listed below.




 World Book:

 Transparent Languages:

Direct URLs for TEL Databases

Use the TEL Link Generator to create customized TEL links for your library. These URLs are unique to your library, allow you to collect usage statistics for your institution, and include geolocation authentication. These URLs can then be incorporated into your library’s website, classroom page, or wherever you’d like to share them.

TEL uses geolocation authentication to verify that a user is coming from an IP address within Tennessee. Users within Tennessee are automatically connected to TEL resources. No library card or password is required! Occasionally, a device may not be recognized as coming from Tennessee so the user will be prompted to enter additional information.


Marketing Materials

TEL Bookmark

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World Book World Book

Right click to save the image to your computer. Then right click to copy the shortcut and set the link. The links included here are for the general TEL account. If you want usage just for your library, you need to register (it's free!) with World Book and use the links they will provide just for your library.

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Adult Learning
College Prep
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Right click to save the image to your computer. Then right click to copy the shortcut and set the link. The links included here are for the general TEL account. If you want usage just for your library, you need to register (it's free!) with Learning Express and use the auth token they will provide to create links to each center.

Additional marketing materials and social media ideas can be found at: and

Register your library for TEL

Participation in the Tennessee Electronic Library is open to all academic libraries (public and private), public libraries, school libraries (private and public), and not-for-profit special libraries. (See note on special libraries, below.)

Your institution and its patrons have access to all of the TEL databases regardless of whether or not your library has “registered” for TEL.

Registration benefits your library because it:

  1. Enables your institution to track your usage statistics accurately
  2. If you have other non-TEL databases from TEL vendors, you can have access to those combined resources, per vendor.
  3. Use of Direct URLS will require your remote access patrons to use a username/password.

You will need your library's IP Address range.


STEP 1: Register for Gale Databases

Check to see if your library or school is listed

  1. If your school or library IS NOT listed, please register your institution. If your library or school IS listed, skip to step 2.

STEP 2:  Setup Authentication for ProQuest

  • Please contact ProQuest with your building's IP address range. Contact the TEL Coordinator with any questions.

Step 3: Setup Authentication for Learning Express Library

  • Please contact Learning Express Library. They will register your library and send you more information.

STEP 4: Setup Authentication for World Book

  • Please fill out this form. World Book will register your library and send you more infomration.

STEP 5:   Secure Remote Access Passwords

  • If your library has an EZ-Proxy Server or another method of authentication for your patrons, then you are done – ENJOY TEL!
  • If your library does not user another method of authentication, use the usernames and passwords provided by the TEL vendors to distribute to your library patrons – ENJOY TEL!

STEP 6: Setup Authentication for Transparent Language

  • Please contact Transparent Language. They will register your library and send you more information.

Note About Special Libraries

Upon registration, special libraries must confirm their not-for-profit status by submitting a copy of IRS Form 501(C)(3)OR a copy of their non-profit Charter from the Tennessee
Secretary of State, Corporations Section. Special Libraries within Federal, State, or
Intergovernmental Agencies are exempt from this requirement.

Mail or fax certification to:

TEL Project
Attn: TEL Administrator
TennesseeState Library & Archives
403 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee37243-0312
Fax (615)-532-9904

Tracking Statistics for Your Library

Note that individual library statistics cannot be compiled for libraries that use the new TEL Portal at this time. Because of the geolocation software, the TEL Portal was setup as the main TEL site and all visits to the site and searches will be counted at the consortial level.

If your library has static IP numbers, you may set up your Web page with Direct URLS for each TEL database (see Direct URLs above). This will track database usage from within your library.

If your library does not have static IP numbers, some of the database vendors are able to create unique URLs for you library which may be placed on your library’s website. This will help to accurate track databases usage. To find your library’s direct url for the Gale databases go to and search for your library. Please contact the other database vendors directly to inquire about unique urls for your library.

Click here to view the recent Linking to TEL webinar.

Usage Reports

If you are using an access method that allows your library's statistics to be compiled, you can retrieve those statistics every month by going to the database vendors' statistical services Web sites. The following are links to sites where you can find usage reports. If you do not know your username and password information, you will need to contact the vendors (Vendor Contacts).

Transparent Language: Usage reports are available to designated library admins. Contact or for additional details.

Gale Admin: 

  • Having trouble downloading reports via Firefox? Here are instructions for configuring your browser settings to access the Gale Usage website.

HeritageQuest Online:




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