TEL'em Toolkit


Promote TEL with the Tennessee Electronic Library Extreme Marketing Toolkit!

These online tools are available to help libraries promote the different features of TEL. There's sure to be something to get everyone at your library talking about TEL!

Watch the archive of the campaign kickoff webinar.

Questions? Contact the TEL Administrator at or 615-532-4627.



Learning a new language is easier with TEL! Use Transparent Language on any computer or device for over 100 different languages

Career Transitions

Many patrons come to the library for help fnding a job. High school students are encouraged to explore career options. Career Transitions helps people find their dream job!

Homework Help

The Research resources in TEL, provided by Gale, cover a lot of topics. It's a great place for students to start research projects.

World Book

World Book is the newest addition to the Tennessee Electronic Library. Tell everyone about it!


TEL has tools for all of your patrons family history searches. Tell your library about it:

Test Prep

TEL offers online practice tests, skill improvement courses, and ebooks for hundreds of different tests. Tell your library about it:

The TEL Kids Page is here! Tell your library about it: